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Travel Trends for 2022

Spectacular sunset at Myconian Villa Collection

So much has changed in our world in the past 2 years. We learned how unpredictable things can be. We saw how rapidly we had to cocoon in our homes without being able to travel or even walk out our front doors without worrying about a horrible virus that may make us very ill.

Travel trends are always evolving, and we have been paying close attention to patterns, travel regulations, and ways to make travel easier these days.

Trips are Getting Longer…

The lack of travel over the past 2 years and having the flexibility to work remotely are influencing the length of vacations. The average number of days people plan on traveling in 2022 is up by around 30%. Travelers want to make the most of their vacation time next year and are planning longer trips.

Multigenerational Vacations are Booming…

We are seeing a huge increase in multigenerational trips. Grandparents are looking to create the most treasured memories with their children and grandchildren. Whether it is around celebrating a milestone birthday or taking the grandkids to a dream destination, these experiences will forever remain in their hearts.

Dream Trips are In…

Some are yearning to return to their favorite places but a large number are eager to get to those destinations they have been dreaming about. Perhaps they have kept putting off this trip for one reason or another. And now they realize how quickly we can lose the privilege to travel. Ticking off bucket list destinations is a huge trend for 2022.

Being Vaccinated will Open the World…

Most countries will only welcome fully vaccinated travelers. And some have an additional requirement of a negative COVID test prior to entering. Along with our local partners, we provide you guidance on locations for COVID testing at your destination before returning to the US. Most of our preferred hotels will offer testing onsite.

2022 Will Sell Out…

There is so much pent-up demand for travel right now. Travelers have credits to use from cancelled trips from 2020 and 2021, along with new demand. Some boutique hotels around the world are already booked for Spring and Summer. It will be challenging to plan last minute trips net year. We suggest to start planning now to have the best availability and pricing.

I hope this has been helpful in giving you an idea of the current travel trends. If you are looking for inspiration on destinations to visit, these recent Blogs may be helpful… Our Favorite Warm Destinations for Winter Travel and 10 Amazing Places You Must Experience

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