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Where to Vacation in Europe with Teens

If you have teens, you know they are not easy to please. Do you struggle when planning family vacations? Do the teens not agree on where to travel, or they don’t seem excited about it?

Try including destinations that will meet their interests. And incorporate activities around their interests and passions. Keeping them engaged during fun activities is key in everyone enjoying themselves on the trip.

Below are 5 destinations to consider based on your teens' interests.

Beautiful architecture in Paris

For the Artist and Chef… Paris

Nothing beats Paris for the teen who is an art lover. You will have plenty of museums to visit and marvel at the magnificent architecture all around the city. Plus, if baking or cooking are a passion, the cooking experiences we organize will convert your teen into a lover of traveling. From the trendy brasseries, boutiques, and galleries to the artsy and bohemian feel of some neighborhoods, Paris never disappoints.

Spectacular beaches of the Algarve

For the Beach Lover… the Algarve

This southern part of Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Many European countries have beaches, but most are pebbly or rocky. The sandy beaches of the Algarve are spectacular with beautiful caves and rock formations in certain spots. Enjoy boat rides, swimming, and visiting the lovely coastal towns in this region. Plus, you can combine the Algarve with other regions of Portugal or southern Spain.

Colosseum in Rome

For the History Buff… Rome

What’s not to love about Rome? Colorful buildings, fountains, piazzas, and the incredible history all around the city. Visiting the Colosseum and learning about the acts that took place in that amphitheater is an incredible experience. Then there’s the Vatican with Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel, not to mention the beautiful archeological sites all over the city. Rome is full of history and charm. Extending the trip to other parts of Italy will always include learning about the history of this exceptional country.

Spectacular waterfall in Iceland

For the Nature Lover… Iceland

Known as the land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is the perfect destination for the nature lover and adventure seeker. Imagine chasing the Northern Lights in dreamy volcanic scenery, driving across glaciers and majestic volcanoes in super Jeeps (while seeing spectacular waterfalls and geysers). This is Iceland, rugged yet refined with Reykjavik’s renowned art scene and numerous shops, museums, and restaurants.

Manchester United stadium

For the Sports Fan… London

There are soccer clubs in nearly every city in Europe, but nothing like the concentration of teams around London. You are likely to find a match at one of the local stadiums during your vacation. Or, at the very least, you should be able to tour a stadium or two. Combining London with other destinations in Europe is super easy since there are 2 international airports in the city.

These are some great destinations to consider depending on your teens’ interests. And combining one or two of these on a trip is always possible to meet each of their passions. Reach out to start planning your next family vacation where everyone will be excited and looking forward to the experiences.

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