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Taormina, Sicily

The thought of preparing for a 10 day or 2 week trip to Europe can be overwhelming. You will be switching hotels every few nights, you need to be comfortable yet stylish, and safety is also a concern in the major cities.

Packing alone can be the most overwhelming part of your trip… what to take? how to fit it all? and how to keep your clothes wrinkle free?

I’m sharing with you 5 essential items that you don’t want to travel without during your next adventure. These tips will help relieve some of the stress of traveling to Europe for a multi-destination trip…

Packing cubes – I recently started using these and they are a game changer. Roll everything into your cubes, from underwear to dresses. You will fit so much more in your luggage and keep everything organized. You can even pack by location. So if you are staying in one city for 3 nights, pack a cube per hotel stay. This will keep your suitcase super organized. You’ll only take out the cubes you need at every stop.

Power converter (not just an adapter) – This is super important. If your electronics do not have dual voltage (most don’t), you will need a power converter not an adapter. The US has 120V electricity and in Europe they have 220V electricity. The converter will change the electric power going into your appliance. The adapter simply allows it to fit in the holes, which can damage it.

Crossbody bag – I prefer these over backpacks for a couple of reasons… Safety – your belongings will be much safer when worn in front of your body than hanging on your back. In large crowded cities it’s very easy for thieves to slash the bottom of your backpack and run away with your valuables. Comfort – it’s much more comfortable to walk around with a small crossbody bag than a large tote hanging from your shoulder. It’s also much easier to walk around crowds without the bulk of a backpack.

Dressy sneakers – In Europe you will walk a lot! Most streets are cobblestone and uneven. These adorable sneakers can even be worn with a casual dress. You will be super stylish in these, and most importantly, you will enjoy your walks without hurting feet. They also come in many different colors.

Wrinkle release spray – I love this so much! Spray your wrinkled clothes, stretch them out a little and let them dry (you can also use your hair dryer for better results). You will love not struggling with the hotel iron and ironing board before getting dressed! There are several wrinkle release sprays on the market but this particular spray is unscented and free of chemicals.

I hope this short list of travel essentials will help make your next trip a bit less overwhelming.

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