5 Remote Places to Visit Post COVID

Perhaps we took for granted the freedom to explore the world, and perhaps you kept on putting off taking that special trip because you knew you could hop on a plane as soon as you decided to go. Things have changed so much and many of us are looking forward to regaining our travel freedom and yearning for that long-awaited trip. This week I’m encouraging you to keep those dreams alive with 5 spectacular remote destinations to visit once the world is healthy again… from spectacular beaches, secluded islands, and unique safari experiences, to an eco-lodge in the rainforest. I’m sure one of these will ignite your wanderlust. FREGATE ISLAND, SEYCHELLES… This private island in the Seychelles is a

How to Vacation with Privacy

As we begin to ramp up for traveling next year, there are many questions and doubts in our minds. But the most prevalent is how can we avoid the crowds and have some privacy while traveling internationally? I’m happy to say that is my specialty. I focus on designing customized and highly personalized trips. That also means including many private experiences. Continue reading for some examples of how you can avoid the crowds while traveling to some of the most visited areas in Europe… Private Transportation... Private Transfers - I’m happy to say all our itineraries have always included private transfers (from/to airports and train stations). In addition, we can offer private transfers betwee

COVID-19 Travel Update

It’s a fast changing world… since early March I have seen a multitude of policy changes for every single travel company… from changes in cancellation policies, schedules, to cleaning protocols, and the list goes on. I’m happy to be part of a network that keeps me up to date on the rapidly changing travel policies. Below I’m touching on the main areas, what the current policies are, and things you should look out for when planning a trip for the near future. DOMESTIC TRAVEL… Many states have a 2 week quarantine requirement depending on which states you are traveling to / from. Please check the states’ policies before planning a trip. And, ensure any reservations are fully refundable as these


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