A Vacation in Africa

We’re confident travel will be back in due time. But for now I’ll continue to inspire you and help you dream about all the amazing destinations we can enjoy in our beautiful world. Let’s dream about Africa… when we’re finally able to pack our bags and board a plane once again, what better way to get back out there than to immerse ourselves into a destination that goes above and beyond! Visiting Africa is a life-changing experience and a place where responsible tourism initiatives are steadily increasing. Experience Africa... From the wildlife, the mountains, the wine region, the beautiful and vibrant Cape Town, Africa is a traveler's and photographer's dream destination. Africa represents… U

How Traveling Will Rejuvenate Your Family After the Pandemic

In its current state, the world we live in can feel like a scary place. Every ounce of normalcy in our day-to-day lives has been uprooted, and many of us fear to leave our own homes for essential items, let alone for travel. And while the days of social distancing and extended school closures may not be over yet, there will come a time when things will go back to normal. There will be many things that we’ll get back in our lives and the ability to move around freely and begin traveling again is certainly one of them. Travel can be a great way to reconnect and bring families back together after months of fear and uncertainty. Here are four ways that travel can rejuvenate family dynamics and h

A Custom Private Tour for Your Next Vacation

We don’t know when our world will be healthy and open again but one thing is for sure… our new normal may look differently. What I mean by that is for those who may be accustomed to traveling in large escorted group tours or mega cruise ships, these methods of traveling may not be the best option. You may not feel comfortable on a group tour where you will be spending hours on a bus with 30 plus travelers. And mega cruise ships may start operating much later than the rest of the world. Last week I shared with you some destination ideas away from the crowds and below I’m expanding on the benefits of our private tours… A CUSTOMIZED PRIVATE TOUR is designed for you based the travelers’ preferen

4 Vacation Ideas Away from the Crowds

As you begin to think about where you may travel once our world is healthy again, are you concerned about visiting crowded cities and attractions? As much as I love the beauty and energy of major cities, after this crisis I’m not sure many of us will be running out to fight the crowds. But we will all be longing for a great vacation to unwind and be pampered. So I’m sharing with you 4 spectacular vacation ideas where you won’t need to fight the crowds, you’ll have plenty of pampering, along with amazing activities. And our services are always private so you will enjoy private guides and drivers for your local transportation to unique activities and sightseeing. FRANCE - THE LOIRE VALLEY AND


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