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Croatia was full of surprises... I expected beautiful scenery and a great vacation but the experiences were beyond my expectations. From the minute we arrived I was blown away by the spectacular water of the Adriatic Sea. With deep blue tones and crystal clear water, it was so inviting. The beaches are rocky but jumping in during our days out on a boat was so refreshing. Croatia also has a tremendously upscale culinary scene... 3 Michelin starred restaurants and 55 restaurants with Michelin recommendations (which usually means they are on their way to obtaining a star). We had delightful culinary experiences all over the country... fresh fish and seafood, the most tender grilled meats, delicious local wines, and spectacular scenery while enjoying our meals. The wine production in Croatia is on the islands as well as the mainland but not large enough for exporting. The restaurants all carry local wines but, unfortunately, we can't get the wines in the US. So you'll need to visit to try them!

Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik

The image above is of Restaurant 360. We had the privilege of enjoying dinner here while staying in Dubrovnik. 360 is one of the 3 Michelin starred restaurants in Croatia. The restaurant sits on the Dubrovnik city wall. The view and overall ambience was truly magical. This is definitely my top restaurant recommendation when visiting Croatia.

Now I'll take you from a super elegant Michelin starred restaurant to the most rustic and authentic restaurant you will ever visit, located in a totally abandoned village on the island of Hvar. The owner/chef prepares grilled meats in his outdoor kitchen and will wow you with local delicacies. This was another super special dining experience of our trip.

Malo Grablje, Hvar

While touring the island of Hvar a popular stop is visiting local wineries. This beautiful cellar is under the owner's home. This is where he and his staff store and bottle the wine. It was so charming and special to learn the history of the family and enjoy tasting all their wines and delicious olive oils.

Winery in Hvar

Croatia is lined with olive groves, vineyards, and lavender fields. Olive oils can be purchased from different regions of the country and they all have their unique flavors. The northern region, Istria, is known as the land of truffles. In this region you will find restaurants specializing in truffle dishes, even truffle ice cream!

The food in this tiny country has bold flavors and the unique experiences will create lifelong memories.

If you'd like to learn more about Croatia please feel free to reach out. I would be happy to share more about our recent trip.

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