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Rome, Italy

Italy continues to be the #1 requested destination for clients. Even when they have already visited once or twice, we find new places for them to experience. It’s really difficult to see most countries with just one visit and Italy has so many regions. We can easily plan several trips without visiting the same cities more than once.

So, why is Italy such a popular destination where families return again and again? It’s a very diverse country offering so many different activities to satisfy everyone’s interests.

Continue reading for the amazing experiences we create for our clients visiting Italy…

  • THE FOOD – This is one of the main reasons people love Italy. And there are so many unique experiences we create around food! A private visit to a market with a chef, then back to his kitchen for a cooking class, and dinner with wine pairings. Or how about a walking food tour in Bologna or Rome?

  • THE WINE – Well, this one is right up there with the food. Tuscany is the most popular wine region in Italy but there are also other lesser-known areas that produce amazing wines. We offer private tours of renowned wineries where you meet the winemaker, tour the stunning cellars, taste the wines, olive oils, and enjoy lunch or dinner on the vineyard.

  • THE OCEAN / ISLANDS – For those that love the ocean, here are a few options… Sardinia, Malta, and Sicily are just some of the well known beach destinations. Then there’s the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy the iconic views from the water on a private boat for the day and visit the island of Capri and the Blue Grotto.

  • THE LAKES – Up north you have the spectacular lakes surrounded by mountains and dotted with beautiful villas and villages. These lakes are top romantic destinations in Italy and offer incredible spots for photography.

  • SHOPPING – So many shopping experiences in Italy… How about a personal shopper in Milan to introduce you to the best designers, stores, and products this city has to offer? Or our driver in the Amalfi Coast can take you out for a day to explore coastal towns and shop for the beautiful ceramics for which this area is known.

  • THE ART – For the art lover nothing beats Florence. This city has some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. Florence also houses some of Italy’s most visited gardens. Our guides will take you through the history of the city. During your private tour you will visit the museums without the lines or crowds, as our guides take you right in for the perfect experience.

  • THE PEOPLE – Lastly, the people in Italy are one of the most welcoming and warm you will ever encounter. Clients come back from their trips with such incredible stories of their guides and other people they met during their trip. This is why they keep returning to Italy!

These are just some of the reasons that come to mind for why clients return to Italy again and again. On a first trip they usually visit the main attractions in Rome, Florence, and Venice. After that we start exploring many of the other spectacular regions.

Contact me to start planning your trip to Italy. We design itineraries around your preferences and interests!

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