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Year after year, Italy continues to be the most desired vacation destination. This diverse country draws visitors for its history, culture, exquisite cuisine, wine regions, and coastal towns.

The Italian islands are quite spectacular. And once you’ve had a taste of Italy you'll want to learn about exploring some of the lesser known regions and its islands. Read below and click through the slideshows for a sneak peak into Sicily and Sardinia...

SICILY… The largest island on the Mediterranean feels like a completely different world from the rest of Italy. Sicily has some of the most spectacular nature Italy has to offer: miles and miles of vineyards, endless olive groves, rugged mountains and volcanoes, all against the backdrop of a deep blue sea. Indulge in its spectacular waters on a private boat, visit wineries, hike its mountains, or go out for a horseback ride on the beach. Sicily has a ton of history dating back to Greek and Roman settlements. These cultural riches continue to be one of Sicily’s most unique attractions.

SARDINIA… the second largest island in Italy sits on the Mediterranean, west of the mainland of Italy. Sardinia can be reached by a short flight from many European cities. Known for its heavenly food, rich culture, dreamy beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, Roman ruins, medieval towns, and luxury hotels. Sardinia’s mountains and forests are the ideal setting for spectacular hikes. All this makes Sardinia one of Italy’s most desired destinations.

For more on spectacular Italian islands don't miss my Blog on the The Lesser-Known Italian Islands.

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