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Spending some time in Paris should be on everyone’s bucket list. And not just for a couple of days… spend a week to really enjoy the city, explore its many districts and take a day trip or two outside of the city.

Below I share with you 5 spectacular day trips from Paris…

Loire Valley

LOIRE VALLEY… Discover a region famous for its fairytale castles, lovely wines and natural beauty. The Loire Valley has over 300 castles, vineyards, sunflower fields, and charming medieval towns. These castles are rich in renaissance architecture. It is truly a magical place to visit. Some castles have been turned into hotels, if you can stay overnight! Otherwise, visiting a couple of castles and a winery is doable on a day trip from Paris.

CHAMPAGNE… Its name comes from the Romans who called it Campania, meaning "Land of the Plains". This famous region is a short ride from Paris… full of vineyards and picturesque villages. Our guided tours will take you to some of the most famous Champagne houses to enjoy tastings and explore the underground tunnels. Stroll along the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay... internationally known as the "Capital of Champagne". Finally, you can enjoy a visit of the Cathedral of Reims, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The 13th century Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral is one of Europe's most important Gothic structures.

Mont Saint Michel

NORMANDY… Normandy is one of the great historic regions of France. Normandy is known for its fabulous cliffs and lovely cities, painted by impressionists, as well as Monet's home. On an opposite note, the Normandy Beaches - the site of the D-Day Landings in WWII - Omaha Beach, Juno Beach, Utah Beach are popular visitor destinations. Lastly, Normandy specializes in dairy products and fruit (notably apples). The most famous regional products are the cheese Camembert, and two drinks - Cider and the spirit distilled from it, Calvados. We can customize a full day trip to Normandy focusing on your interests.


CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES… Visiting the palace is a very easy half-day trip from Paris. The town of Versailles is a wealthy Parisian suburb and municipality, located only about 12 miles outside the city. The palace served as home to King Louis XIV and summer palace to Napoleon. You can take a train from Paris or (to avoid the crowds), one of our guides can pick you up at your hotel for a custom private tour where you can really appreciate the history and beauty of this spectacular palace.

CHÂTEAU DE FOUNTAINEBLEAU… This palace is often overlooked, as Versailles is undoubtedly the more famous. But it is one of the most opulent and beautiful palaces in France and definitely a must see. A visit here will give you insight into French history, art, and unparalleled architecture. The palace is located in the middle of the town so you can also explore the charming town during your visit. It is much less crowded than Versailles and reachable by about an hour train ride from Paris.

I hope I’ve inspired you to explore some of Paris’ surrounding areas during your next trip.

I would be honored to help plan your vacation to France. Contact me for your complimentary consultation to begin planning your custom experience.

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