A romantic getaway can help you connect in ways you’d never imagine. You will have time to re-connect with each other while experiencing new things together and creating new memories.

But it’s not often that we take the time to get away on our own, without the stress of the kids and taking into account the things they enjoy doing. For your next anniversary, plan a special trip that focuses on what you love most. So whether you’re adventurous, love food & wine, are an island junkie or a romantic, below are some amazing destinations for your anniversary trip.

The Azores


These nine islands off the coast of Portugal are still a hidden gem. Each island has its own landscape and magic. Here’s what you can experience in the Azores… Lovely towns with mosaic cobblestone streets and not far from these charming towns you can visit HOT SPRINGS and float in THERMAL WATERS, hike to WATERFALLS, and marvel at beautiful gardens throughout the islands. Enjoy a myriad of activities such as MOUNTAIN BIKING, CANYONING, SURFING, CANOEING, and infinite COASTAL HIKES.



If you’ve never visited Paris and have heard all the rave, I’m here to tell you Paris will exceed your expectations. Here’s why… The ARCHITECTURE in Paris is magical. Glamorous buildings at every turn, lamplit bridges along the Seine, and the majestic Eiffel Tower are enough reasons to visit this amazing city. But there’s more… Paris has the most magnificent PARKS & GARDENS. Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and spend the afternoon at one of Paris’ parks. The FOOD scene in Paris is really special. Every street is lined with endless bistros. And the best thing is you can have the most exquisite meal at a Michelin starred restaurant or at tiny French bistro.


FOR FOODIES… The Italian Countryside

Visiting the Italian countryside is the ultimate destination for foodies. Immerse yourself in the heart of the country. Learn about the Italians’ passion for food and wine… In TUSCANY stay in an old monastery (converted to a luxurious hotel), with spectacular views and luxury accommodations. From there visit charming villages and enjoy wine tastings at historic vineyards…. Take a day trip to BOLOGNA, Italy’s culinary capital. Here visit the beautiful city and take a food walking tour to savor the area’s specialties… In UMBRIA (the most authentic Italian countryside), learn about the art of olive oils, salumi, and black truffles.



The most famous (and breathtaking) islands of Mykonos and Santorini are usually the most visited, and there’s good reason for that… the incredible, jaw-dropping views from SANTORINI are like nothing else you will ever experience. And MYKONOS Town is one of the most charming village you will ever visit. You can also consider visiting OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH ISLANDS… some are quiet and romantic with the most spectacular beaches and rock formations and others are larger with many different areas to explore including magnificent hiking opportunities.

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