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Benefits of Working with a Travel Advisor

In today’s world, more than ever, you want an expert to assist with life’s most treasured memories... your vacations.

Your investment in a memorable vacation should not be left up to a search engine. Travel Advisors immerse ourselves in learning about destinations, hotels, and unique experiences so we know exactly what to recommend to our clients. So whether you work with me or another advisor, below are the services you should expect…

ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION – No trip is ever designed without first having a private, complimentary consultation. This is where we get to know each other and learn if we’re a good match. I learn all about the travelers’ daily interests and hobbies so your itinerary can include activities each traveler will enjoy. And, during this consultation, you learn about how I can help you and the types of trips I design.

HANDCRAFTED ITINERARY – After getting to know your preferences I research for the best options (from the logistics of the trip to the perfect accommodations, transportation, and activities). Then I create a completely customized journey crafted just for you. Itineraries include flights, ground transportation, accommodations, day excursions, and exclusive experiences. Plus, in these unpredictable times, we guide you with regards to country entry regulations and requirements. Is it smart to have a layover in another country? What is needed to enter the country I'm visiting? etc...

PREMIUM SERVICE – I take pride in partnering with in-country travel suppliers who offer out-of-the ordinary (non-Googleable) experiences and provide you with premium service throughout your trip. Your drivers, tour guides, and all experiences will be timely, professional, and fun. I often hear from clients that these services are what elevated their entire vacation experience. Hotels also know how the reservation was made. Guests booking through Travel Advisors (as opposed to online sites), are offered VIP treatment and often receive amenities and room upgrades.

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES – I spend a lot of time learning about the travelers’ preferences, hobbies, and interests. This is how I’ll know what activities to recommend for your vacation… a behind the scenes tour of the artisans, a bike tour in the vineyards, or a private cooking experience… everything is tailored to you. It's also important to know your style. Do you prefer hotels with a modern feel or historic buildings with old world charm? All these details are what make your vacation unique, memorable, and feeling it was handcrafted just for you!

DETAILED TRAVEL DOCUMENTS – A couple of weeks before you travel you will receive travel documents (both electronically and printed). Every detail will be included such as pick up times and local contact numbers at your destination should you require assistance. All you do is pack your bags and show up at the airport!

WE HAVE YOUR BACK – Whether you need assistance while traveling or unpredictable events take place, you are taken care of by me and my local supplier partners. During the global pandemic millions of travelers were forced to cancel their trips. If you worked with an advisor everything was handled for you. We spent countless hours cancelling every component of every trip for clients and ensured they received full credits or refunds for amounts paid.

Distinct Vacations is not affiliated with any hotels, cruise lines or any other travel product. I strive for understanding your preferences and the travelers' interests in order to craft the perfect itinerary for you. This results in you enjoying each vacation day as it unfolds and being transformed from your vacation experience.

I would be honored to help plan your much needed vacation for next year. Click here to begin planning and to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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