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How and When to Book Flights for Best Pricing

Spectacular hot air balloon experience in Cappadocia, Turkey

By now you are probably thinking about your travel plans for next year and it is no surprise the cost of airfare remains high. With the increased demand in travel, prices are not likely to drop.

We often see a price roller coaster, up and down all week. So how do you know the best time to purchase? This is not an exact science since airlines can do whatever they want and whenever they want. But hopefully these tips will help you catch the flights you need at the right time.

These recommendations are based on what we have observed time and time again for international travel. How and When to Book Flights for Best Pricing...

Best days to fly: we often see that flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday offers the best pricing.

How far in advance to purchase? as soon as flights are available (11 months before your travel dates), is usually the best time to purchase. We normally see the cost slowly rising from then on.

Best day of the week to purchase: Tuesday to Thursday prices seem to be the lowest. Airlines increase pricing on Thursdays for the weekend. This is only based on what we often see but it is not always the case.

A couple of other tips…

Pick an airline and stick with it – loyalty really does pay off. If you have status with an airline, you can often qualify for complimentary upgrades or upgrades using some of your points.

Opt for nonstop flights if possible: always, always, fly nonstop if available. A bit of savings is not worth a missed connection. And if you must have a layover, have at least a 2.5-to-3-hour connection to allow time for delays and making your way through the airport for your next flight.

The process of purchasing flights and airports can be stressful but hopefully these tips will make it a bit easier. In the end, it is totally worth flying to be able to get to the most spectacular destinations and enjoy an amazing vacation.

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