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Italian Villas

Breathtaking views from a villa on Lake Como, Italy

Italy continues to be the world’s most desired travel destination. First timers love to visit the main attractions in Venice, Florence and Rome. Then they return time and time again to explore so many other spectacular regions in this beautiful country.

And there is no better way to experience Italy’s culture, history, and people than by staying in a private villa. Whether it’s in the countryside or the coast, the experience will forever remain in your heart.

Our exclusive collection of luxury villas in Italy will give you the opportunity to live as a local and experience the regions in the most authentic ways. Whether it’s shopping for groceries at the local market or venturing out for a mid-morning cappuccino, you will fall in love with the Italian culture and its people.

Each villa has been carefully selected and vetted to ensure it meets your standards. All villas are managed by my local travel partner in Italy. So, should you need assistance during your stay or anything is not absolutely perfect, someone will be there to service you.

I invite you to browse a small sample from our villa collection… follow the links below.

Lake Como Villas - The dream landscape of Lake Como is like no other. And you will be able to enjoy unobstructed views from our luxury villas whether you are lounging by the pool, dining under the gazebo or sipping your morning coffee on your patio.

Amalfi Coast Villas - Imagine a villa snuggled up high on a cliff with breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast from every angle. Venture out to the charming towns along the coast or spend your days mesmerized by the views as you enjoy dining n your private terrace.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. We will get to know your preferences and match you with the perfect villa!

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