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Sanremo - A Hidden Gem in the Italian Riviera

Sanremo may be one of Italy's best kept secrets. It is a lovely coastal city located in the Liguria region in the northwest part of the country. ⁠

From the seaside to pedestrian streets and the medieval old town on a hilltop, Sanremo has it all. The local market is filled with seafood, fresh produce, fabulous leather goods and many other local products. And, bonus... Sanremo is a short drive from the French Riviera, making this the ideal base to explore both the Italian and French Rivieras.⁠

So many wonderful attributes to this lovely city…

Beautiful streets of La Pigna, Sanremo, Italy


Sanremo features a blend of architectural styles, including historic buildings, Belle Époque villas, and modern structures. The city's historic center, known as "La Pigna," is a maze of narrow streets and charming alleyways with colorful facades and quaint shops.


The climate in Sanremo is Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and warm, sunny summers. This pleasant weather makes it a popular destination year-round.


Ligurian cuisine is prevalent in Sanremo, featuring fresh seafood, olive oil, and herbs. Local specialties include pesto, focaccia bread, and seafood dishes like ciuppin (a fish stew). The city's restaurants and markets offer a delightful culinary experience.

Scene from the water in Sanremo, Italy

Coastal Location

Sanremo is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, offering visitors a picturesque coastal setting. The city is nestled between the sea and the Ligurian Alps, providing a unique combination of natural beauty. You can reach Sanremo in under an hour from the airport in Nice, France.


The city boasts a stunning seafront promenade, known as the Corso dell'Imperatrice (Empress's Promenade), which offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. This promenade is lined with palm trees and is perfect for leisurely walks, bike rides, and enjoying sunsets.

The Mall Sanremo, Italy


Aside from the many local shops along the pedestrian streets (many have been there for many generations), you can enjoy an exclusive shopping experience at The Mall Sanremo. This is a luxury outdoor outlet mall offering the latest fashions from over 20 international brands. The mall also has a gourmet restaurant offering delicious Ligurian cuisine.

Nearby Attractions

Sanremo's location allows for easy exploration of other charming towns along the Italian Riviera as well as day trips to the French Riviera, which is just a short drive away.

Sanremo is a captivating destination that combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, making it a fantastic off-the-beaten-path destination.

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