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St. Barths... a Bit of France in the Caribbean

Lovely suite at Le Barthélemy Hotel in St. Barts
Le Barthélemy Hotel, St. Barths

Has your wanderlust kicked in yet this year? I am definitely dreaming about traveling and planning trips for later on this year and for 2022.

Most of us have been missing traveling to Europe the past couple of years. Sitting at an outdoor café, admiring the architecture, strolling the piazzas, and savoring the exquisite food and wine - I miss it all!

If you miss traveling to Europe… St. Barths will give you a bit of France in the Caribbean.

Why is the Caribbean the ideal destination for for a warm weather getaway this Fall or Winter?

  • It is only a few hours by plane from the East Coast,

  • most islands are open for tourism,

  • the turquoise waters, luxurious hotels and spas may be what you need after cocooning at home for so long,

  • and, islands like St. Barths will make you feel like you’re in Europe!

Why is St. Barths so special…

St. Barths is an exclusive island in the French West Indies where you can enjoy stunning hotels, pristine beaches, waterfront bistros (with exquisite French cuisine), and chic shops and galleries. St. Barths has the perfect blend of European charm, natural beauty, and relaxed island vibe.

It’s a dream destination with views of white sand beaches backed by rolling hills and charming coastal villages. And let’s not forget the clearest waters and coral reefs off of the most spectacular secluded coves.

There are no high-rise resorts in St. Barths, instead you will only find boutique hotels and private villas.

What to do on St. Barts…

You can relax all week at your luxurious boutique hotel or enjoy some of the popular activities on the island… kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, beach hopping, and visiting St. Barths’ capital – a lovely harbor town with duty free shops, art galleries, and some of the island’s best gourmet restaurants.

Lovely harbor town in St. Barts

St. Barths also offers a calendar packed with exciting events. Its annual film festival in April, a music festival in January, and a Carnival celebration in February attract visitors from all over the world.

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