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Benefits of Working with a Travel Advisor

Pienza, Italy

With so many clients traveling during the busiest travel time in history, unexpected circumstances are inevitable. We offer peace of mind to our clients by knowing our specialists are only a phone call away should they need assistance.

Aside from working with an expert who is knowledgeable about your destination, there are so many key benefits of working with a travel advisor. Below are some important benefits along with recent feedback received from clients…

Time Saver

I often hear from clients that they have spent up to 6 months researching and planning a vacation. We provide a detailed itinerary within 7 business days. Here is what one client had to say… “Before Belkys we spent hours agonizing over vacation destinations, activities, and logistics. It was super time-consuming and though we always had fun we didn’t know what we were missing until we experienced our first truly Distinct Vacation.”

Vetted Hotels and Services

At Distinct Vacations we have a local partner in each country (who is available to clients should they need any assistance). Every single component of a trip (hotels, drivers, guides, etc.), is vetted by me and/or my local partner. Here is some client love… “Our tour guides were locals with deep knowledge of the area and history. They made stops and introduced us to things we would never have found on our own. The hotels were exceptional, and the restaurant recommendations were fantastic.”

Attention to Detail

This is a critical component of what we offer, being a CPA and having a background in the corporate world, my brain cannot work any other way. Each itinerary is handcrafted with much attention to detail. Here is some client feedback… “We had the perfect balance of organized activities and free time. Belkys provides customized itineraries that include activities and schedules tailored to your exact needs. She has a gift for making it affordable and indulgent at the same time." “From start to finish, every detail was carefully planned and completely customized for our every wish. I’ve typically planned my own vacations but having Belkys allowed me to finally enjoy my vacation and not have to worry about one single thing.” “The entire experience was seamless with fascinating tours and timing.”

24-Hour Flight Support

We give clients the option of booking their own flights. If they prefer for us to handle, we partner with an Air Specialist who is available 24 hours a day to assist with flight disruptions during travel. Here is a recent client experience… “Our flight had an emergency landing in Paris instead of going nonstop from Zurich to Newark. I immediately called the emergency flight support line. My family’s tickets were quickly changed to the next flight out of Paris. Other travelers were struggling for hours at the airline desk.”

At Distinct Vacations we partner with in-country travel suppliers allowing us to offer out-of-the-ordinary, non-Googleable, local experiences with premium service throughout your vacation.

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