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The Lesser-Known Italian Islands

Did you know Italy has over 400 islands? While you may have heard about Sicily and Sardinia (see my previous Blog on those islands), there are several others I am highlighting below that you should definitely add to your bucket list.

Beautiful Aeolian Island of Lipari

Aeolian Islands

These UNESCO-protected islands are located off the coast of Sicily, an archipelago of seven islands known for their raw beauty. Some have active volcanoes and all offer adventure activities including hiking, kayaking and diving. Stay on one and island hop via ferries that run between them.

Island of Ischia, Italy


Another volcanic island, Ischia sits just off the Amalfi Coast. The natural hot springs and thermal pools are a big draw making Ischia a fabulous wellness retreat. Other attractions include hiking around the volcano, visiting a castle, and enjoying the main city with its charming boutiques and restaurants. There is something for everyone on this hidden gem of an island.

Island of Pantelleria, Italy


A tiny volcanic island located off the coast of Sicily, a favorite for chic getaways. It is not a destination for beaches as swimming is mostly off rocks. But there are hot springs and mud baths that are extremely therapeutic. The rugged coastline and lava-rock formations are offset by beautiful turquoise waters. The island is filled with ancient ruins and white stone dwellings, and many have been transformed into luxurious hotels surrounded by vineyards.

The charming island of Ponza, Italy


A super popular vacation spot for Italians, Ponza is one of the most charming islands and only an hour boat ride from Rome. The island’s tiny villages and beautiful harbor are a big draw. There are no fancy hotels here but instead cute B&Bs where you will feel like family.

One of the best ways to visit the region is by splitting your stay. Start on one island, then we arrange for a private boat to your next destination. We can easily combine multiple islands or combine with a stay on the spectacular Amalfi Coast. It's a magical experience.

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